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Can you relate to any of this?

You often experience big emotions like anxiety, anger, sadness, fear, or shame.

Thoughts feel overwhelming, unrelenting or difficult to control.


You may be suffering from physical pains, body sensations, headaches or fatigue you don't understand.

You feel totally exhausted trying to manage all of this amidst the demands of every day living.

and mostly.... 

You are ready to have more agency over what's happening in your mind, body and life.

  At Brave Enough Therapy, people just like you are learning to reclaim their lives, make sense of difficult experiences and embrace the fullness of who they are. What you've been through and how you feel right now doesn't have to define you. There is so much more waiting for you on the other side of healing, and together we can help you find it. 

​Take a look around, and when you're ready to start your own healing journey, let me know, I can't wait to meet you.

With you,



Note: I’m currently accepting clients on a case by case basis. Please contact me with questions, available time slots, or to submit a request for consideration. 





Comprehensive, trauma informed therapy for young adults and adults ready to reclaim their lives.


More coming soon, stay tuned!


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