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Values and Approach


I believe that we are not broken people needing to be fixed, rather hurt people longing to be healed. This the core foundation of everything I do.


Because of this I do not  see my clients as damaged or weak, as a set of symptoms or a diagnosis. 


Rather I see my clients as brave, courageous individuals possessing inherent strengths and self agency they can utilize to heal themselves.

I believe it is not my job to dictate, judge or fix. It is my responsibility to create space for my clients to encounter themselves in new ways, to challenge, guide and support.

I believe therapy should be a collaborative, deeply human experience instead of a cold and sterile process. There will be laughter and tears, moments of breakthrough and moments of silence where we simply share in and observe the pain together. 

I know that trauma creates changes we don't choose, together we'll work to figure what you're wanting for yourself and seek the path forward toward it. I believe there is hope for every situation and endless capacity for growth. 

PLEASE NOTE: all races, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender identities and ability levels are welcome here. This is a non-negotiable value of BE. Any discriminatory, offensive or oppressive behavior/language will NOT be tolerated.

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