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Whether you found this page on your own, or mom is making you read it, thanks for taking the time to learn more about how therapy can help.

I'm going to be honest with you, I hated therapy when I was a teenager.

My therapist couldn't relate to me, and each week felt like a punishment.

Eventually I figured out that if I said and did the right things I could make it all stop. So I learned to play the game and was removed from therapy, all the while I was still deeply struggling underneath.


In order to engage in meaningful therapy there has to be choice, safety and an ability to really be seen and heard.

At Brave Enough I aim to create a space that let's you come as you are, process your emotions and get some help figuring it out. Being a teen in today's world is hard. Its easy to feel alone, different, or like an overall hot mess. I can't imagine the stress you are under with school, social media, work, activities, and a world that's shouting conflicting messages at every turn.


This isn't about judgement, and its not about "fixing you," in fact I dare to say nothing is wrong with you at all. All of us need help sometimes to figure out our emotions and get unstuck.  Its normal to struggle when your environment is tough and you're not getting the support you need. 

Here are things I can help with:

  • Figuring out who you are and how to feel comfortable and confident in your skin

  • Helping you understand and cope with feelings going on inside you

  • Decreasing anxiety, depression, anger or fear

  • Helping you control the weird/scary/relentless thoughts you can't seem to get to stop

  • Helping you discover your worth and value

  • Helping you feel more connected and less numb

  • Helping your parents see, hear you, or relate to you

What I DON'T do:

See teenagers who don't consent and aren't willing participants in therapy.

The foundation of therapy is that it is a safe space to do important work and to connect meaningfully to your therapist. This can't happen if you're being forced. Further this creates a harmful view of therapy that may discourage you when you actually ARE ready. As in all important life situations CONSENT IS REQUIRED. 

Ascribe to a "fix my kid" model that says to the teen "you are the problem."

That's an unfair, limited view. Reality is way more complex that that. All family members have a role to play when it comes to improving the family dynamic. Teen therapy may mean parents are also asked to do their own work. That's the best way to model willingness to change, support and a dedication to getting the family in a better place.

Work with teens younger than 16:

My style of therapy tends to be more introspective, exploratory and existential in nature. This is developmentally appropriate for those in their later teens. I work well with reflective, creative and curious!

What does therapy at BE look like:

Typically 50 minute sessions 1x a week that may include talk therapy, art making, laughing, crying, skill building, walking, emotional processing and more. Each session is tailored to you and you're own unique needs, personality and goals. 

Bottom Line:

You are welcome here if or when you are ready. 


With you,



If you've got questions or want to talk feel free to contact me.

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